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Skyler Introduces Tick Analytics Solution

Skyler Technology has introduced the Skyler C3 Tick Analytics Solution to cache and analyze tick data. The solution provides time series and aggregation capabilities and provides analytics modules...
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Cisco Pitches Low Latency Solution with RMDS, Sun and Intel

Cisco Systems has created a low latency datafeed offering, collaborating with Reuters, Sun Microsystems and Intel. The offering consists of the Reuters Market Data System installed on Sun servers...
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Major Banks Join New Stac Benchmark Council

Stac yesterday used the High Performance on Wall Street event to announce the formation of the Stac Benchmark Council, an organization for the creation and management of customer-driven benchmark...
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Stac Benchmarks Cisco Datagram Acceleration Layer, Wombat, 29West For OPRA

Stac has benchmarked Cisco Systems' Infiniband with the Cisco Datagram Acceleration Layer (DAL), using Wombat Financial Software's OPRA feed handler and 29West's Latency Busters middleware. In the...
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29West Announces Cisco, Voltaire Infiniband Support

29West has announced support for Infiniband offerings from Cisco Systems and Voltaire in its Ultra Messaging middleware suite.
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A Big Low Latency Day Tomorrow!

I've been absent from the blogosphere for a little while. It's been the silly season and it seemed a good time to take a break. But with my annual Pimm's party, Labor Day and the Office 2.0...
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Stac Benchmarks RMDS at 2.8 Million Ups on Single Intel Caneland Server

Stac has released a benchmark of Reuters Market Data System (RMDS 6) running on a single Intel "Caneland" server with four Quad Core Intel Xeon X7350 processors (for a total of 16 cores), running Red...
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Stac Benchmark Focuses on Transport Latency - Wombat, 29 West, Sun, AMD, Solaris

Stac has released a benchmark focused on mininizing transport latency, comprising Wombat Financial Software's market datafeed simulator, 29West's Latency Busters Messaging, a Sun Microsystems Sun...
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Exegy Previews 2.0 Ticker Plant @ HPonWS Show

Exegy will be previewing its Exegy Ticker Plant 2.0 at Monday's High Performance on Wall Street show. New functionality includes hardware acceleration applied to level II data, which allows fast...
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Issue 1: Low Latency - Are You Performing? Now Available For Download

Market data rates are skyrocketing. Just a few milliseconds make the difference between an optimal order fill and enough slippage to wipe out profit. New opportunities are opening up to leverage high...