IHS Markit Adds Alternative Dataset Covering Automotive Manufacturers

Blog entry
IHS Markit is responding to growing demand for raw data and prepackaged analytics with the delivery of alternative data including a dataset covering automotive manufacturers. The dataset is expected to reveal new insights for asset managers. 

Spanning over a decade of historical data, the 32 new factors of the automotive manufacturers dataset are designed to support the prediction of stock returns using analytics derived from company-specific datapoints on sales, production and market share. In analysis performed by the Research Signals service at IHS Markit, there was positive alpha in several of the factors, including an occasional return spread of up to 1.41% for the Monthly Trend in Production Growth factor and up to 2.64% return spread for the Monthly Trend in Sales Growth factor. 
Research Signals collects and aggregates statistical data from state and regional government sources, vehicle manufacturers, and industry sources. Data inputs for the signals are mined from statistical automotive datasets from IHS Markit that include vehicle sales and production history, aggregated registration information, manufacturing volumes and vehicle pricing insight for multiple geographies. 
David Riehl, executive director in the equities data and analytics group at IHS Markit, comments: “Quantitative and fundamental investment funds are interested in the unmatched scope and quality of alternative data produced by IHS Markit covering virtually every industry sector. Using our rich datasets in automotive to create these new factors expands our library to more than 600 signals and models, and gives investors unique tools for assessing one of the world’s most important sectors.”