ASX NTP is Live for Futures

News Wire

The ASX completed their migration of the ASX 24 (futures) platform to the Cinnober New Trading Platform (NTP) on the 20th of March. This new platform will increase ASX’s ability to add functionality in the future with less impact to the users.

Every firm trading on ASX 24 before the migration had to connect to the new platform to continue trading. Object Trading customers on ASX using the software only deployment model received a new software release well in advance of the migration, and those using the fully managed deployment model had the new software installed for them.  All customers had access to the ASX test environment via Object Trading ahead of the mandatory Industry-Wide Test (IWT) and following Implementation Rehearsals. Object Trading supported clients’ technical testing to ease their migration.

We were the first vendor providing market access to the ASX to pass conformance testing to the upgraded NTP and were acknowledged as a key partner to the ASX in the process and have been supporting customer testing through the migration.

As the natural trading venue lifecycle plays out globally – with platform upgrades and migrations, new exchange launches, constant product developments, and occasional closures, our customers need only write to our API once, and we do the rest. Object Trading continues to handle the relentless exchange changes, so the sell side, buy side and technology providers can focus on trading.