FixNetix To Deliver LSE Infolect Data

News Wire

Fixnetix and the London Stock Exchange have agreed a distribution deal under which the Exchange’s Infolect data will be delivered to customers Fixnetix’ iX-Direct low latency service. Infolect, the LSE’s real-time market data delivery system, carries more than 15 million messages a day to customers with a latency of two milliseconds from broadcast to delivery.

“The London Stock Exchange is committed to delivering the lowest latency data metrics of any exchange in Europe and Fixnetix has provided our data to a number of our customers with some very impressive latency statistics,” says Wendy Morgan, Head of Real-Time Data at the London Stock Exchange.

“We have worked hard to engineer the optimal delivery mechanism for London Stock Exchange data as banks and hedge funds are no longer prepared to accept latency and outages associated with legacy architectures. Our customers have benchmarked us against other low latency offerings, including their own exchange gateways, and have chosen us purely on performance and reliability” says Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, Fixnetix. “The demand for low latency data is increasing exponentially due to the growth in algorithmic trading and having the second best solution is no longer an option.”