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QuantHouse API Ecosystem Offers Quants Easy Access to Apps

QuantHouse has built out its application programming interface (API) capability to deliver qh API Ecosystem, a framework that allows fintech firms to offer their products as on-demand solutions...
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MiFID II: Time for Action

As the January 3, 2018 compliance deadline for Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) approaches, trading businesses within the scope of the regulation must address outstanding...

Partner Event: Linedata Exchange North America 2017 – 19-20th September 2017

This year's Linedata Exchange North America 2017 agenda focuses on The Challenge of Transformation: Digital, Operational and Industry-Wide and will be held at 32 Old Slip, Convene Downtown, New York...
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Exegy Plans Integrated FPGA and Microprocessor Solutions

Exegy is integrating its field programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware with Intel microprocessors to support low-latency services that can benefit from both technologies. The company has early...
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OpenFin Names Goldman Sachs Alum Paul Walker to Board of Directors

OpenFin, the financial industry’s first common operating layer for desktop applications, today announced that Paul Walker, former co-head of Technology for Goldman Sachs, has joined the Board of...
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MiFID II Unbundling's Silver Lining: Leveraging Streaming Big Data Analytics to Differentiate Execution Services

European MiFID II regulation’s unbundling of broker research from execution services raises the question of how execution service providers can differentiate what they offer once research is no...
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The Time to Implement Innovative Technology for Electronic Execution is Now

Technology innovation is side-lining low latency in the drive to optimise performance and reduce complexity and cost of electronic execution infrastructure – but which technologies are finding favour...

Partner Event: Summer FinTech

Fintech: From Innovation to Disruption. Where do we stand? This event will explore this question through the prism of four of the ‘buzziest’ fintech applications: AI, blockchain, cloud, and data.
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Metamako Links Multiple FPGAs

FPGA networking platform provider Metamako has launched capability to run different FPGAs [field programmable gate arrays] at once, saving its users the costs of data center rack space and freeing...

Webinar Recording: Trade Surveillance and data capture for MiFID II compliance

Under MiFID II and MiFIR, any firm participating in electronic trading of financial instruments will need to conduct real-time monitoring of current trading activity and be able to sequentially...