YipitData Offers ReadyPipe Web-Scraping Services to Institutional Investors

Blog entry

YipitData, a provider of web data for institutional investors, has made its internal web-scraping platform, ReadyPipe, available to external customers. The platform enables analysts to collect web data and write their own web-scraping logic, and has potential to give investors informational advantage.

The ReadyPipe service allows firms to either log onto the ReadyPipe platform and write logic that will collect web data, or choose ReadyPipe’s full-service offering, which uses a YipitData team to collect data on behalf of a firm.

Vinicius Vacanti, CEO of YipitData, says web data is ‘the largest available dataset, and it’s available’. He adds: “We are signing up customers and have a long list of features that we are working through. We’re focused on making ReadyPipe the best platform to collect data.”